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Back when nothing was wrong

What took you so far away?

I have nothing.

I have no personality, no life, no name. No identifying features.

I am nothing.

I must have had something before, but once the change happens and the last thing to think about is the undeniable craving for flesh, well, nothing becomes a lifestyle.

Its habit now to roam the streets, see brothers and sisters, and fight them for the nearest human.

But the people are much ruder when I became this way. They never ask for a name or even say a pleasant hello, no these strange creatures just run around screaming about gathering the children and elderly and some other nonsense about ‘the dead have come alive.’

Oh, but their screams only make me more ravenous, and if I could, I would run to a crowd and chomp on his leg or chew on her arm. Sadly I can only drag my feet a little faster. Which is not an accomplishment, I can say that now.

Yet it is always amazing when I can finally catch my prey. It is easy to spot the weak; they would be the ones with crutches obviously, the child that believes he or she could hide and mommy will come back to get them, the idiot that stays back to beat us with whatever he found in his garage, and my personal favorite, the prissy mall girl that thought “Oh this would be a delightful day to wear the new high heels I bought yesterday!” She’s always fun since her pretty pink stilettos always break or twist her ankle when she tries running.

Oh, and even better is when I devour her skin! Each bite goes into her deeper and deeper, my brothers and sisters gather for a meal, and she struggles and Her screams growing louder as the blood drips out of her arm! And the taste, oh! I can’t even describe in words how incredible that flavor is!

The she will become one of us. Another sister added to our family. Sadly humans transfer into nothing quickly. All conscious thought flies out in a short time and those like myself must stop. It is known rule that one do not eat the flesh of a sibling. With, of course, the exception of human siblings which have probably been long forgotten, so it’s as if they were never family to begin with.

We become family. The last you will know.

For we are the closest thing to forever. Sure we can be decapitated, and sure we become a pile of death if we take a fall down a flight of stairs, and sure a bullet through the brains can easily knock us out.

But we are still family. We can still fight. We do not stop because we’ve lost a limb. We do not shed blood so easily. We become all you have left.
We are family. We are one.